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A&E Holiday IDs

Wishing everyone a happy holiday, all year long.

  • Winter
  • Thanksgiving


After the hugely successful refresh of A&Es QSR Franchise, we were super excited when they asked us to pitch concepts for their popular Holiday ID ad sales series, too. 11 spots running throughout the year wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day and even ushering the kids back to school? Yes, please.

We immediately gathered the troops for our favorite activity: brainstorming! We locked ourselves in the conference room with nothing but Fiji water and sharpies, consulting the brand guide for the very best way to align our creative with their style. And the chosen concept does just that: reflects A&E’s brand symmetry and playfulness, letting the objects tell the story of the holiday. 

The star of our three day shoot? Our office! Every nook and crannie, even the parking lot, served as a location for this Red Epic shoot. Two units ensured we captured the exact framing of every object which was extensively boarded before the shoot and replicated on screen. The result? Beautiful, colorful, fun spots that are ready to run all year long. 

Have a great summer!  

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