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A&E QSR Refresh

Dinner gets a reboot.

  • Dine Out Non-Family
  • Dine Out Family
  • Take Out Family
  • Late Night


When A&E was looking for a company to refresh their long-running ad sales series focused on getting the attention of the quick service restaurants out there, they invited us to pitch.

It was all hands on deck to come up with a new way to get the dinnertime message out to A&E’s hungry audience. Cue the giant post its and normal sized veggie plates: it’s a brainstorm party! Key phrases like “continuity of motion” and “visual strategies” were bandied about until we decided that symmetry was the word of the day. And when director David Brandvik came up with the winning split screen idea, we were beside ourselves. These spots tell the story of a family (or couple) from two different perspectives, the action on each side of the frame occuring simultaneously as the narrative comes together and resolves into the final frame: our family sitting down to eat or, in some cases, heading out for a meal, sponsored by your brand.

An extensive 2-day shoot commenced with both day and night shots in multiple locations executed like clockwork. Fast forward to editorial where putting together a toolkit for our 7 sponsored spots was the priority. We wanted to make sure it was as easy as pie for our client to update after delivery. Food pun intended.

our tasks.

  • Live Action
  • Concept
  • Graphics
  • Scriptwriting
  • Editorial
  • HD Finishing