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Barmageddon Promo

It's like Freaky Friday but with more booze.

  • Barmageddon Promo


When truTV wanted to get a new angle on the episodic promos for Barmageddon, they called NuContext.  In a refreshing change of pace, the network asked for different creative approaches for the :30, :20, :15, and :10, so we took a maximalist approach, putting together a pile of scripts with every left-of-center joke we could squeeze out of the footage.  truTV chose their favorite creative approaches and we got right to work constructing the spots.  From there out, it was smooth sailing.  Even a long-distance v/o session with show host Mo Mandel, who was in Ithaca, NY for a comedy benefit, went smoothly.  The only thing that didn’t go so great was when our writer tried to practice some of the flair bartending moves seen in the spot and ended up smashing a bottle of Dewar’s in our parking lot.  He is no longer considering moonlighting as a flashy bartender.

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