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BET Chasing Destiny

NuContext, can you handle this?

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Sometimes a client presents you with a seemingly insurmountable task, like, say, a shoot that requires you to assemble a crew, find a location, and cast a dozen beautiful lady dancers who can also act, and do it all in five days. And when the job is shooting a promo for a new reality competition show created by Kelly Rowland from Destiny’s Child, you have to say YES. Kelly Rowland! She’s awesome! And she’s like one degree away from Beyoncé! It’s the closest we’ve gotten to Queen Bey — unless you count the time our chihuahua barked at Jay-Z in the office parking lot.

Our live action team swung into action right away, tackling their tasks with speed and precision. And five days later, we were on set, ready to make magic.

Working with DP Todd Banhazl, we brought the feel of a high-end sports commercial to the spots. These women had to work, sweat, and compete as hard as any pro athlete — and they had to do it in heels — so we were intent on capturing that grit and determination.

our tasks.

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