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  • Eden Passante: Custom Gift Wrap
  • Justina Blakeney: Gallery Wall
  • Eden Passante: Pop of Color
  • Eden Passante: Pop of Color Webisode
  • Eden Passante: Gift Wrap Webisode


Tastemakers. Trendsetters. Lifestyle bloggers and video creators. These are FYI’s newest creative crushes. We worked with two inspiring do-it-yourselfers, Eden Passante ( and Justina Blakeney (, to produce fun on-air vignettes that tease to full length webisodes that inform on how to infuse your own salt or create a cool gallery wall. Thing about shooting DIY videos? You really only have one chance to get it right.

Eden and Justina were ready to do just that. In Eden’s kitchen, we set up on her granite countertops for a bright, breezy look into her creative mind. However, Justina’s fantastic space, the hero of her website, The Jungalow, couldn’t contain our crew – so we set her up in our office, using every piece of furniture we could to bring the essence of her home to the screen, yet again proving the versatility of our own creative space.

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