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Django Unchained Sneak Peek

Shooting a guy in a stairwell? Doesn’t get more Tarantino than this.

  • Django Unchained


We’ve shot plenty of big-time movie personalities. But when we were asked by USA to shoot a series of wraps director Quentin Tarantino while he was in the middle of mixing his latest epic, Django Unchained, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. Our production crew descended on Todd-AO, dressed up a stairwell to look like a finely-appointed living room in Miami, and waited for Mr. Tarantino’s arrival. He showed up in short order, having left his Mr. Brown suit and tie at home, and we were off. His demeanor was as relaxed as his outfit as he joked with the crew, shot his lines, and gave us some very funny asides. The spots came together quickly in editorial, and when combined with the gorgeous footage from Django Unchained, turned some simple wraps into cinematic awesomeness.

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