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Esquire Network: Style Genius

High-end style for a high-end sponsor

  • Esquire Network: Style Genius


Esquire Network had a brilliant idea for new on-air co-branded content: bring icons of men’s fashion and design together with luxury brand sponsors to create profiles of the people pushing the boundaries of style. With several different co-branded content campaigns already under our belt, NuContext was the perfect choice to help bring this concept to life.

The subject for the premiere spot was Brandon Williams, the stylist of choice for many of the biggest (and best-dressed) names in professional sports. With Jaguar signing on as a sponsor, we wanted to capture the essence of both Brandon and the brand, and we found that for both, it boiled down to being timeless but unafraid of pushing boundaries.

Our shoot took us from the streets of Downtown LA to the the deepest cuts in Brandon’s racks. We captured him at work constructing outfits and in more contemplative moments as he perused fashion mags for inspiration. Our interview was loaded with questions that sought to reveal Brandon’s personality and style secrets while subtly hitting the brand messaging of Jaguar.

A few paper cuts of the spot dug out Brandon’s best bites. Our editor was spoiled for choice, with plenty of beautiful shots of high-fashion menswear set against gritty urban backdrops. Esquire provided graphics, we provided HD finishing, and just like that, a new branded content franchise was born.

our tasks.

  • Scriptwriting
  • Live Action
  • Editorial
  • HD Finishing