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Famous in Love

Welcome to Hollywood. What’s your dream?

  • Launch Promo


To promote the new show FAMOUS IN LOVE, FreeForm called on us for concepts that had sexy, high production value and represented young Hollywood. After a meeting of the creative minds, the  winner was what we lovingly called “Zoo”. From the POV of the lead characters’ overnight success story, “Zoo” takes place in a club that is not only the chic place where young Hollywood lets loose in the limelight but also a metaphor for how they live their lives under the constant microscope of their adoring fans.

With the concept locked, we had 2 weeks to devise an 18’x18’ glass cube to be our Club Zoo and deck it out with the coolest decoration worthy of any Oscar after-party affair.  The final request was to have the walls explode out like a Michael Bay wet dream. To bring this effect to life, we partnered with MPC, fresh off their Jungle Book Oscar win.

Now that we had our Club Zoo, for the sexy, high-end impression we turned to Director Nicholas Lam (Blink 182 “She’s Out of Her Mind”) and DP Joe Labisi (Nikki Minaj “Anaconda”).

Given that the ensemble cast of 8 was only available for one day, FreeForm enlisted us to maximize their stars’ time and capture several elements not just for on-air use but social and digital promotional activations as well. For big bang on the buck, we had 3 stages and 3 crews going, juggling the day’s schedule to get motion portraitures, social confessionals as well as the glass encased super-party surrounded by fans!


  • Executive Producer: Angela Guice
  • Director: Nicholas Lam
  • Creative Director: Dave Humphreys
  • Line Producer: Jessie Marcus
  • DP: Joe Labisi
  • Production Designer: Todd Jeffrey
  • Editor: Chad Peiken / Craig Shannon
  • VFX and Finishing: MPC