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Nick Refresh

A new look for Nickelodeon

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It’s no secret that one of our specialties is youth marketing, so when our friends from Suprestudio in Argentina needed an LA based production company to partner with for the live action elements of the massive Nickelodeon rebrand, they knew exactly who to call.

Built around the concept of “Kids First,” the rebrand showcases a diverse array of school age-children interacting with the world and characters of Nickelodeon in a playful and surreal mix of live action and graphics.

Working closely with the creative masterminds at Suprestudio, team NuContext helmed by Director, Mikael Tyrsen crafted the dream team and shooting plan that would seamlessly integrate live action elements in real world scenarios and green screen VFX plates into a wild new take on the Nick universe.    Casting and performance were critical elements, as the kids were truly the stars of the new campaign.

Weeks of planning and three shoot days later, we couldn’t be more proud of our work in bringing the “anti-expected” world of Nick to life in over 250 deliverables including bumpers, ID’s and promo toolkits.


  • Executive Creative Director: Ezequiel Rormoser
  • Executive Producer NuContext: Angela Guice
  • Executive Producer Suprestudio: Marcos Torres
  • Director: Mikael Tyrsen
  • Creative Director: Mariano Barbieri
  • Line Producer: Jessie Markus
  • Animation Director: Leandro Feuz
  • Senior Producer: Sofia Teodoro
  • DP: Sing Howe Yam
  • Production Designer: Tijana Gaudio
  • Post production coordinator: Maximiliano Sanguine
  • Design: Florencia Piovesanel, Alejandra Lan, Malena Deluca, Nicolas Gloazzo, Valeria Moreiro, María Pía Vivo
  • Animation: Martin Ferdkin, Armando Carrasquel, Ezequiel Leiva, Juan Manuel Zárraga, Esteban Blazquez, Horacio Herrero, Pablo Drut, Pablo Agromayor, Norberto Pizzini, Nicolás Trullás
  • 3D: Eugenio Pignataro, Santiago Gelabert, Leandro Feuz, Armando Carrasquel, Ezequiel Leiva, Alejandra Lan, Juan Manuel Zárraga, Esteban Blazquez, Pablo Agromayor
  • Chroma keying: Malditomaus
  • Color correction: Emmanuel Gramajo
  • Editing: Alexis Pellegrini, Mauricio Maturana
  • Production: Marina Dominioni