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Off Beat

NuContext puts comedian Mike E. Winfield in the middle of the internet's next top music clips.

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Fuse has developed a sterling reputation for presenting the best music-related programming on television. From exclusive live concerts to music talk shows, they’ve maintained incredibly high standards for a number of years. So their choice of Offbeat as a new Fuse show was a bit…offbeat.

Offbeat collects the internet’s most outrageous, ridiculous, music-related clips, providing comedic fodder for host Mike E. Winfield. Terrible teen rappers, disastrous pole-dancing incidents, embarrassing dance moments, guitar-twirling accidents and more make up the show’s content. As it turns out, the worst of the music world makes for one of Fuse’s best new shows.

The world of internet videos is constantly changing, so when Fuse asked NuContext to develop and shoot a :30 spot promoting Offbeat’s premiere, we knew we’d be best off with a wide variety of concepts. We went off the deep end, presenting everything from cat camera crews to meme factories. In the end, Fuse went with a tease spot: the viewer gets to see what looks like a hilarious music-related video unfolding before their eyes which is interrupted at the moment of truth by Mike and his stylish afro. Want to see the money shot? You’ll have to tune in to Offbeat!

After the heavy and intensive process of conceptualizing was through, we blasted into production mode. Our experienced live-action production team quickly found a single location for all three of the spot’s set-ups. We cast our disaster-prone music lovers, descended upon the set, kicked butt, took names, and disappeared into the night.

By the end of the shoot, we were sure we had a really good handle on Mike’s irreverent sense of humor and the rhythm of the spots, so we let our editors play around with the footage to see what they could come up with. Fuse saw our rough cuts, loved them, and awarded us the editorial work.

NuContext producer Angela Guice also had the foresight to bring a behind-the-scenes cameraman to the shoot. It was a good thing she did. Mike had no “off” switch, and with another lens on him between takes, we were able to capture several hilarious unscripted moments. When Fuse saw Mike’s improvs, they asked us to use this footage to create a series of spots for the web. And what better home for an internet music clip show’s promos?

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