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Robert Redford Presents

Hanging out with Bob on a cliff? All in a day’s work.

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There are two things we love here at NuContext. One is working on fantastic content. The other is hauling equipment up a mountain to get the perfect shot with world class talent. Enter Sundance TV and Robert Redford.

Sundance called upon us to capture the elusive Redford in his natural habitat: the Sundance Resort in Utah, home to the world renowned Sundance Institute. Independent artists and filmmakers have been gathering here since 1981, developing their unique voices in this peaceful landscape whose history goes back centuries.

Upon arrival it became immediately clear that shooting inside in such a gorgeous spot would be a travesty. So Bob, arriving on his motorcycle, led our crew up to a clearing below Mount Timpanogos, Red Epic camera and all, to capture the beauty and grandeur of his adopted home.

Who could resist the chance to work with a filmmaking legend on a mountain? And all to promote an exclusive series of critically acclaimed films presented by Bob himself, wrapped in original graphics that complimented this stunning location.

2 x :30 Tune Ins and 13 weekly film spots later, we can’t wait to get back to Sundance.



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