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Foo Fighters Cubed


While we were on the set of the Foo Fighters video for White Limo, Dave Grohl decided that he wanted to direct the video for the band’s next single from their Grammy-winning album, Wasting Light.  His manager approached NuContext Executive Producer Angela Guice during the shoot and said, “What are you guys doing next week?”

Dave’s concept was simple – keep it performance-based and let the band’s energy and song’s hard rock power do the heavy lifting.  Dave proved to be an inventive director when he proposed putting the band inside a stark white cube.  Cutting off all other visual information put the focus on the band and the song, and the claustrophobic set heightened the intensity of the music.  The band’s performance would all take place in the “cube” (dubbed on set as the “Rubix Kubrik”) – until the camera pulled out at the very end of the video to reveal that this cube was in a huge warehouse.

Oh, and by the way, Dave’s vision was in VHS.  Which meant we had to find six working S-VHS cameras in time for the shoot.  Yikes!

Dave sent us some hand-drawn sketches as a storyboard for reference and our crew got to work.  We had exactly five days to prep, build and scout locations.  Grohl was involved in every aspect of the production, from programming the lights to selecting wardrobe.  Our ancient cameras managed to hold up and we all had a bitchin’ day on set.

Back in the edit bay, we made Dave’s analog dreams come true once again with some good old (very, very old) linear tape-to-tape editing magic.  The video premiered to great acclaim on MTV.  And yes, apparently, they still show videos on MTV.

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  • Analog Finishing