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Sharing life hacks with Oxygen.

  • Shareworthy Fashion
  • Shareworthy Beauty


Oxygen came to us with a new franchise that we just have to share with you…

When concepting for the new “Shareworthy” series, our brief was to produce vignettes that emulate the social content found on Pinterest, Instagram and popular DIY blogs; totally fun and totally sharable. So we set out to find the kind of life hacks that you didn’t know you couldn’t live without and that today’s Oxygen fan’s crave and find shareworthy.

The ideas we pitched centered around creating a graphic toolkit, making these spots updatable, interchangable and, most importantly, elastic for advertisers. With topics like entertaining, beauty and fashion, do these spots add to Oxygen’s new brand personality?


our tasks.

  • Live Action
  • Concept
  • Graphics
  • Scriptwriting
  • Editorial