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Stitchers Launch

Memories Never Die

  • STITCHERS Launch Spot


A girl unable to feel emotions. A secret government agency. Crimes to solve. The only way to solve them: she has to stitch into the minds of the recently deceased and let the dead tell their stories. The new ABC Family series “Stitchers” needed a different kind of launch: the kind only NuContext could bring.

We approached this pitch with a few things in mind: tease the show, the female lead, and most importantly: the vibe. The show grabs your attention with its mystery within the first scene, so the promo needed to do even more; taking viewers on an unforgettable, high-concept thrill ride to intrigue them, leave them craving more.

So we brought the show’s star, Emma Ishta, onto a sound stage and, using the Phantom cam, her experience of stitching came to life under the watchful eye of our director, Robert Hales. To get that final mysterious look, we partnered with VFX studio Varnish who gave the finishing touches to the memories.

And to top it all of, we only had 2 weeks from shoot to delivery, so it was all hands on deck at NC HQ to bring our vision to the screen.


  • Executive Producer: Angela Guice
  • Director: Robert Hales & Mikael Tyrsen
  • DP: Todd Banhazl
  • Creative Director: Mikael Tyrsen
  • Line Producer: Jessie Marcus
  • Producer: Delara Adams
  • Editor: Chad Peiken
  • VFX: Varnish Effects

our tasks.

  • Concept
  • Live Action
  • Editorial
  • VFX
  • Finishing