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Tequila Sisters

On the set with TVGN’s newest reality stars

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TVGN has a hot new property on its hands: Tequila Sisters, a reality show about four lovely heiresses to a tequila-importing empire. It has beautiful women, a charismatic patriarch, family drama and more glitz than all the housewives in Beverly Hills. But the network needed help introducing these fascinating folks to the world. That’s where NuContext stepped in.

After some epic brainstorming sessions, it was decided to keep it simple: gorgeous ID shots would be paired with sound bites from the show that encapsulated each character’s personality. We let the Tequila Sisters themselves do the talking.

In no time at all, we were piling the cast and crew onto a green screen stage in Hollywood and, back in our edit bay, the footage cut together like a dream. Graphics and comping were done by one of TVGN’s vendors and the finished spot turned out smooth, luxe, and ready for air.


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