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Today Show

Crafting the image of NBC's flagship show.

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When NBC called us to conceptualize and produce the new Today Show image campaign, we gathered our entire crew for a massive brainstorming session that yielded pages and pages of innovative concepts. Shying away from a traditional studio/beauty shoot, the idea that caught the client’s eye was a behind-the-scenes, fly-on-the-wall look at what happens while the cameras roll each morning. NBC gave us three days of unprecedented access to Matt, Savannah, Al, Natalie and the rest of the crew. Was working without a script terrifying? Not with the NuContext dream team. Our DP’s were like ninjas, blending into the background as they aimed their cameras with breathtaking precision, bringing an artistic feel to a traditional, behind-the-scenes style shoot whilst our director and producer drew soundbites from the talent that were pure promo gold. Back in Los Angeles, NuContext’s editors worked closely with the NBC marketing team, crafting finely-honed spots that went on  air, online and on the screens of every New York taxicab backseat TV mere days after the shoot.

our tasks.

  • Concept
  • Live Action
  • Scriptwriting
  • Editorial
  • HD Finishing