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uDraw, we shoot!

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The Challenge

Video game maker THQ had a very cool product on their hands: uDraw, a wireless tablet controller that worked with the Wii, Playstation, and XBox game consoles.  It could be used to control action games, create artwork, provide family entertainment, and much more.  The uDraw game tablet had already been launched, but THQ was looking for a new commercial ad campaign that was more vibrant and fun than their previous one.  They also wanted to appeal to both kids and the parents who’d be buying the product.  And to keep the campaign unified, the ads also had to be appropriate to air in the international market.

The Solution

NuContext gave THQ a wide range of options for the uDraw campaign, evoking emotions from laughter to wonder.  Using the budget as our guide, we let our imagination run wild and presented concepts involving beautifully clean graphics, fast-and-loose man on the street demonstrations, and more.

THQ fell in love with an idea that used camera movements and clever seamless transitions to show the almost limitless possibilities this new game interface offered.  A splash of rainbow paint (inspired by the uDraw packaging art) was the unifying element, taking the viewer through living rooms populated by excited kids and families.  In order to have maximum impact, we tailored four different spots featuring different uDraw products and software to appeal to different target demographics. And keeping the action free of dialogue meant that a simple voice-over translation was all that THQ would need to air the spots internationally.

As NuContext writers worked with THQ to hone the language of the spot, our director and live-action producers carefully planned each shot.  Before a single frame was shot, motion graphics were being designed and tested.

All the planning paid off handsomely.  The shoot was easy breezy.  Back at NuContext, the editorial process was quick and painless.  And the graphics, which could have been a major drag on our deadline, were dropped into the spot and looked beautiful.

our tasks.

  • Concept
  • Design
  • Casting
  • Live Action
  • Scriptwriting
  • Editorial
  • Music
  • HD Finishing