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Unusually Thicke

In the thick of it with Alan.

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What can we say about Alan Thicke? He’s been one of television’s favorite dads since the Growing Pains years, and now he returns to TVGN to reclaim his rightful crown. And guess what: he’s really funny!

Our TVGN client came to us to produce the launch campaign for Alan’s new family centered reality series… with one caveat: a super tight deadline. Undaunted, we put our best and brightest on making Alan, his wife Tanya and his son Carter look like the funloving group of jokesters they truly are. It was soon after receiving the footage that we noticed Tanya’s uncanny likeness to our illustrious leader, Angela Guice.

1 x :60 and 5 x :30 later, we came out the other side with a stitch in our sides and a wish that we too could be part of Alan’s TV family.

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