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USA Spotlight: Fury

Tanks a lot, Brad Pitt.

  • USA Spotlight: Fury


Ah, autumn…when the leaves begin to change colors, the flannel comes out of storage, and the serious contenders for Academy Awards start to fill theaters.  The WWII drama Fury was ramping up its promotion, and USA Network and NuContext were there to help.  Using the USA Spotlight interstitial template, we highlighted the relationship between Brad Pitt’s Wardaddy, a hardened tank commander, and Logan Lerman’s green recruit, Norman Ellison.  Voice over was kept to a minimum, instead letting Pitt and Lerman sell the story and the drama.  We had a narrow line to walk with this spot: All action would make the film look like a light summer blockbuster, and all talk would make it look ponderous and heavy.  Our choice of music and judicious use of the film’s spectacular tank battles added tension and interest to the film’s dark, dramatic subject matter.

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