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Verizon Fashion Rocks

Helping to make a #socialimprint on the world.

  • Social Imprint Event
  • Verizon + Christian Siriano


Verizon teamed up with innovative fashion designer Christian Siriano to create the first ever #socialimprint garments: the very first fabric fueled by fans’ social conversations about fashion and music… and we were there to document all of it!

During Fashion Rocks Backstage, a two-hour live event on CBS, every @ or # mention of a Fashion Rocks designer or artist was monitored and then correlated with a color picked out by Christian. He then took these colors, created a dynamic printed fabric and then unveiled his designs at New York Fashion Week to be later sold at auction.

Our New York live action team was there to document the whole experience, from interviewing Christian to the final show. It was a privilege to be there and see social media in action!

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