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Walker, Texas Ranger Marathon

Justice in a Stetson.

  • Truck
  • Peanut Butter
  • Keys


After a long, successful run, Cloo, the crime and mystery network, was getting ready to take Walker, Texas Ranger out of its regular programming.  But they knew (as everyone knows) that Chuck Norris doesn’t go down without a fight, so they decided to send him off with a five-day Walker marathon.  And to promote these 120 hours of awesomeness, they needed a great promo.  They asked the man himself, but Chuck Norris was busy punching the sun to create night.  So instead, Cloo came up with a concept which involved a Norris look-alike showing up to help ordinary people with their difficult tasks.  Sure, we know Walker can track down murderers and give them a nice roundhouse kick to the face, but he can also use his Texas-style kung fu to help someone fit a few two-by-fours into their car or open a jar of peanut butter.  Everyone needs a little Walker in their life, and Cloo’s gonna give it to them.  In two weeks.

Wait, two weeks?  Two weeks to find our Chuck surrogate and cast the other actors, scout locations, shoot three spots, color correct, edit, mix, and deliver everything?  That would be an almost impossibly tight schedule.  But as the song says, the eyes of the ranger were upon us, and we didn’t want to let Walker down.

The job was awarded to us on a Thursday.  Over the next several days, NuContext producers met with 15 different Chuck-alikes before finding the right guy.  We scouted dozens of locations before finding a house in Pacific Palisades that would work for all three of our set-ups.  After a week and a day, we were on set with a full cast and crew, knocking out shots like Walker knocks out cattle rustlers.  We knew we were on to something good when some local jaded skater kids got star-struck at the sight of our lead actor.

After shooting all day on Friday, we immediately got to work editing.  Jeff DiFiore from Cloo sat in on the edit sessions.  By the end of the weekend, we had three first cuts to pass along to the network bigwigs on Monday.  And by the middle of the day on Tuesday, after a few editorial tweaks, we had three approved spots.  Final finishing was done the next day.  By that Thursday, exactly two weeks from the time Cloo first contacted us, the spots were delivered.

And Chuck Norris was pleased with our tribute.  Or at least we assume he was, since we’re all still breathing.


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