Equity & Access

Devoted To Awesome Work And The People Creating It
Industry Access, Career Development And Advancement
Building a diverse and inclusive workforce is a paramount goal for everyone in our industry. When considering how we can truly drive meaningful change, the answer lies in the power of one person. A single 'Yes' can revolutionize someone's entire career trajectory and shape their future.
At NUCONTEXT, we are dedicated to establishing essential pathways into the entertainment industry for talented individuals from underrepresented backgrounds. Additionally, we prioritize providing guidance and opportunities for career advancement to underrepresented groups within the industry. By forging strong partnerships, we are able to cultivate enduring and life-changing opportunities for aspiring young talents and, in turn, foster positive transformation throughout our entire industry.

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Our Commitment Is Above & Below The Line
We are committed to at least 2 of the following areas fulfilled on every production:
or more of the line producer and/or production department heads (Director / DP / Production Designer, Costume Designer, Casting Director) come from Underrepresented Groups
or more of other key roles (mid-level crew and technical positions) come from Underrepresented Groups
or more of the overall crew / project production staff come from Underrepresented Groups
or more of outside vendors or suppliers come from Underrepresented Groups
Promotion of member of Underrepresented Group into a role that constitutes career advancement / progression for at least one crew / team member
HBCU to Hollywood scholarship and internship program
At NUCONTEXT, we understand the significance of providing "foot-in-the-door" opportunities, especially for underrepresented young individuals with aspirations to thrive in Hollywood. Our Founder and Executive Producer, Angela Guice, hails from South Mississippi and knows firsthand how rare these chances can be.
In 2019, while filming the iconic "Good As Hell" music video for Lizzo at Southern University Baton Rouge, a culturally significant HBCU, our team was blown away by the sheer talent and determination of the students aspiring to make it big in the entertainment industry.
That very experience inspired the birth of the NUCONTEXT HBCU to Hollywood scholarship/internship program, which officially came to life in 2021. Every year, we handpick one outstanding student from Southern University for a fully paid 6-8 week internship in Los Angeles. Additionally, they receive a $5,000 scholarship to assist with travel, living expenses, and further education costs.
Our internship program offers unparalleled real-world, hands-on training on set and during pre-production, coupled with invaluable networking opportunities and ongoing mentorship beyond their time in Los Angeles.
Streetlights PA Placement Program
For over three decades, Streetlights, a prominent Los Angeles-based organization, has been at the forefront of the industry, empowering and equipping underrepresented and economically challenged young individuals with invaluable production knowledge.
NUCONTEXT takes immense pride in collaborating with Streetlights, recognizing their remarkable impact, by ensuring the employment of at least one Streetlights graduate in each of our productions. Our mission is to offer these talented individuals opportunities for career advancement and mentorship whenever feasible, fostering a brighter future for the next generation of creative minds.
Made In Her Image
NUCONTEXT proudly supports Made In Her Image. A transformative non-profit organization that arose from the pressing demand to foster equity in the domains of film, media, and technology, while empowering young women and non-binary youth to carve a distinctive space for themselves in the industry.
In 2018, this remarkable venture was established by MALAKAI, a celebrated and award-winning director and philanthropist, with an unwavering dedication to being a true disrupter within the media and entertainment landscape, MALAKAI's mission has ignited a powerful movement of change.
We are thrilled to share that NUCONTEXT Founder and EP, Angela Guice, proudly serves as a 2023 board member of Made In Her Image.