Only Murders in the Building – One Killer Question S1

Summary Taking fans deeper into the world of the popular series “Only Murders in the Building”, NUCONTEXT, in collaboration with…

Only Murders in the BuildingOne Killer Question S1

  • Executive Producer Angela Guice
  • Director Mark Ritchie
  • Producer Greg Weinbrecht, Chad Engel
  • Director of Photography Zeus Morand
  • Production Designer Johnny Love
  • Client Hulu


Taking fans deeper into the world of the popular series "Only Murders in the Building", NUCONTEXT, in collaboration with the creative and production team at Hulu, produced the engrossing aftershow, "One Killer Question". With the captivating Ali Stroker as the host, each episode serves as a delightful deep dive into the comedic mysteries of the original show.


“One Killer Question" isn’t just an aftershow; it's an experience. Each episode dissects a different facet of the show's mysteries, creating an immersive experience for viewers. By borrowing design elements from the original series and integrating them, fans are treated to a visual treat that feels familiar. The inclusion of unique set designs, infused with nods to the main show, adds layers of depth and discovery for the fans.


A testament to our dedication and creativity, "One Killer Question" clinched the Producers Guild Award for Outstanding Short-Form Program and earned an Emmy nomination in 2023.  


Celebrity Touch

NUCONTEXT took charge of roping in all the celebrity guests, enhancing the after show's allure.

Visiting Legends

For the opening of each episode we were able to work with “the Trio” filming at the renowned set of "Only Murders in the Building" in Brooklyn was a dream. Working closely with legends like Steve Martin, Martin Short, and the enchanting Selena Gomez, was a highlight for our team.

Meticulous Set Design

Collaborating with the show's original production design team allowed our production designer Johnny Love to craft mini tableaus that paid homage to the series. Fans with a keen eye can find Easter eggs cleverly integrated into the set.


In the words of our Founder/EP Angela Guice, “Partnering with Hulu for ‘One Killer Question’ was a project of passion. As huge fans of the show,  our goal was to nail every nuance. The excitement of working with Hulu's team, our Director Mark Ritchie, and the unparalleled cast of the series, was truly a career highlight. Here's to celebrating the fandom, the mysteries, and the successes of this collaboration!”