The Oscars 2023 – Bottom Gun

Summary For the second straight year, NUCONTEXT and ABC teamed up, pushing the boundaries of creative storytelling for the iconic…

The Oscars 2023Bottom Gun

  • Executive Producer Angela Guice
  • Director Mike Bernstein
  • Producer Greg Weinbrecht
  • Director of Photography Tom Banks
  • Photographer Matt Sayles
  • Production Designer Marcelle Gravel
  • Client ABC


For the second straight year, NUCONTEXT and ABC teamed up, pushing the boundaries of creative storytelling for the iconic Academy Awards. This partnership redefined promotional campaigns with a perfect mix of humor, talent and surprise in a way only Jimmy Kimmel can deliver. 

THE OSCARS¨ – 95th Oscars¨ hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. (ABC/Matt Sayles)

Client Partnership


When two powerhouses come together, expect nothing short of brilliance. ABC's vision combined with NUCONTEXT's production expertise crafted an unforgettable campaign for Hollywood’s biggest night.

A-list Talent

This campaign wasn't just about the process; it was about the people. Star-studded and skill-packed both in front and behind the scenes, it was all hands on deck, making every frame worthy of an encore.


Top Gun Promo

From the mind of Jimmy Kimmel, the campaign kicked off with a slick spoof of "Top Gun: Maverick," which premiered on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." A homage, a parody, it was a 

Kimmel's Swagger

While Kimmel joked that he might not have been the first name on the list, his  presence, coupled with some hilarious starring cameos from Maverick stars Jon Hamm and Charles Parnell - and a surprise cameo from legendary Billy Crystal made this for one fun day on set.  Let’s just say we were all trying to keep from laughing hysterically while the cameras were rolling.

Production / Behind-The-Scenes

Artistry in Every Frame

Spearheaded by Marcelle Gravel, our production design team recreated the iconic "Top Gun: Maverick" conference room at East End Studios.

Tailored To Perfection

Our wardrobe wasn't just about clothes – it was a statement. ABC's team had the idea to craft filmmaking-themed pins, medals, and Admiral attires, blurring the lines between costume and couture.  NUCONTEXT costume designer Andrew Sweet made that a reality. 

Efficiency Meets Excellence

In an impressive 24-hour whirlwind, NUCONTEXT rolled out a diverse array of materials: from the Top Gun promo to social media content, key art and press photography lensed by the talented Matt Sales. 

An Ode to Oscars

From the majestic Oscar statues to the subtlest of set designs, every element echoed the gravitas and glamor of the Academy Awards.