Volvo + The Oscars – Safety First

Summary Volvo, a brand synonymous with safety, teamed up with Disney CreativeWorks to spotlight Hollywood’s unsung heroes – those behind-the-scenes…

Volvo + The OscarsSafety First

  • Executive Producer Angela Guice
  • Director Mikael Tyrsen
  • Producer Jessie Marcus
  • Director of Photography Jeff Cronenweth
  • Production Designer Marcelle Gravel
  • Editor Uppercut
  • Client ABC / Volvo


Volvo, a brand synonymous with safety, teamed up with Disney CreativeWorks to spotlight Hollywood's unsung heroes – those behind-the-scenes champions ensuring safety on movie sets.  With NUCONTEXT helming production, Volvo celebrated these stalwarts while emphasizing the exhilarating essence of safety.

Client Partnership

The Real MVPs

Casting was key. NUCONTEXT casted real crew members from the 2022 Oscar-nominated films, and we made sure our tribute resonated with raw, real emotions. A heart-to-heart with these pros prior to filming ensured precision in every frame, making sure the action they were portraying was in line with their expertise. 

Golden Oak Magic

Set against Walt Disney Studios' Golden Oak Ranch, directed by Mikael Tyrsen and captured by the Academy Award nominated legendary Jeff Cronenweth, every scene was a work of art. It wasn't just another commercial – we owed it to the crew to make sure it was cinematic poetry.

Production / Behind-The-Scenes

Weathering the Storm

Despite the wettest winter LA's seen, our team kept rolling and even danced in the rain (and snow!). Pivoting with agility, we transitioned some scenes indoors, ensuring that all captured scenes were completed beautifully - and then on day 2, the sun shined upon us for the epic outdoor scenes including a spectacle of a drone shot. 

We are beyond proud of this spot and everything it represents. From an incredible partnership with DisneyCreativeWorks and Volvo, we were thrilled to see it air during the 95th Oscars telecast. To us, this was more than just an ad; it was a sentiment. Audiences connected with our celebration of these Hollywood heroes, underscoring the liberating power of safety. By championing the belief that in safety, creativity knows no bounds, we struck a chord globally.